Will I need Composite Bonding? (Photos)

I've a small gap between my front two teeth, and on both sides, I've gaps that are a little wider. Would bonding help with these, or are they too wde?

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Will I need composite bonding for small gaps?

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I think cosmetic bonding might work quite well for you even without Invisalign to close the spaces between your teeth.  In our office, we would first create Smile Preview Veneers on your four front teeth using EasySmile direct resin.  We would only add a small amount of width to your front two teeth to close the small space between them.  We would close the other spaces by adding width to your lateral incisors, making them more proportionate in size with your two front teeth.  This would enable you to see how the final result would look, and if the teeth did not look too large.  If you liked the preview veneers, then you could have the permanent bonding of direct resin veneers(EasySmile) and be assured that you would be happy with the results.  If you did not like how the smile preview veneers looked, they would be removed and you would then have the choice of Invisalign or orthodontics to close the spaces.  

A better long term solution

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Thank you for your question. As i see it, your 2 middle front teeth are slightly positioned more forward than the teeth beside them. you also have gaps between the other front teeth. Resin bondings can be done but would make your 2 upper front teeth really look very wide. What I would usually recommend for a long term better solution and a more cosmetic result is to properly align the teeth with Orthodontics (Invisalign preferably), and once the gap has been closed or minimized, that's when we can see the size of bondings we would need (if we even need them at all). I hope this helps in your decision. Good luck.

Mark Edington, DDS
Las Vegas Dentist


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Thanks for your question. The choices for treating gaping teeth are bonding, veneers, crowns, or braces. Each treatment method has its indications, pros, and cons. The pictures are too small to show details.

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