Waterline Turned Upward Correction and is Non-incisional Eye Surgery a Second Time Risky?

I had non-incisional eyelid surgery 5 years ago (age 20). A week or two after the surgery, when it was swollen, I iced my eyelids, and open them wide and look upward often, hoping to crease the eyelid strongly. When the swelling came down, the upper waterline of my left eye was turned upward and became very visible, and the lash line turned upward and out. Is there a way to lower the lash line? Also are there risks to non-incisional eye surgery a second for a slightly bigger crease? Please help!

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Photos that include you eyes in the picture would be helpful

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It is difficult to know exactly what you are describing without an actual photo. I'm not sure what you mean by the "waterline".

Please post a photo with eyes open and eyes closed so that we can evaluate your specific problem.


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