Need Interpretation of Results - removal of breast tissue.

I received the following description post removal of some breast tissue. I asked my doctor for clarification however I was told it was simply in reference to the test done and not related to me. Any clarification is appreciated! "LKL//JET/JET MICROSCOPIC: Performed and confirms final diagnosis. Immunohistochemical stains are performed and reviewed on block 1B. The ectopic breast tissue is positive for GCDFP-15 and estrogen receptor with possible weak positivity for mammaglobin."

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Pathology interpretation

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Pathologists routinely describe (along with their diagnosis) the tests they perform and the consistency that the tissue is found when it is given to them. They also describe how many samples they look at and essentially what they see. It is usually found in every report, but it's the "fine print" at the end that many people overlook. In this description, the pathologist is describing some of the  specific tests that were performed on the tissue to confirm that it is actually breast tissue. These types of tests are done if the tissue is taken from somewhere other then the breast itself and that some of the tissue may not easily or obviously be identified as milk producing cells. These tests confirm that the tissue that was taken is breast type tissue as opposed to any other type. these test do not diagnose any kind of cancer or disease, but merely help categorize the type of cell seen under the microscope.

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