Surgical or non-surgical nose job?

I wish to camouflage/get rid of the bump on the bridge of my nose, make it slimmer (not as wide) and sharper or just less-bulbous at the tip. Is this possible without surgery?

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Surgical vs. Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question.  Non-surgical rhinoplasty using fillers can be quite effective for camouflaging bumps on the bridge of the nose and may be effective for creating some tip definition.  Fillers are performed in the office in a relatively short amount of time with no downtime and the effect lasts approximately one year or so (depending on the filler).  Surgical rhinoplasty is the most effective way of achieving a permanent hump reduction as well as tip refinement, but there is certainly associated downtime and recovery.  I recommend that you consult with an expert who performs both surgical and nonsurgical rhinoplasty to discuss the risks, benefits, alternatives, and expectations for each.  Hope that helps, good luck with your decision!

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Nose bumps

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Without pictures it is difficult to give you a definitive answer but usually I deal with this concern when the patient does not want a formal rhynoplasty with a filler, usually a permanent one, to elevate the tip of the nose and then straightening and elevating the bridge hiding the "bump". Results are beautiful and the procedure is fast and easy. In some cases I perform a suture based procedure  that is minimally invasive that also gives excellent results. 

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