Am I a candidate for weight loss surgery?

I am 200 pounds I am 5feet 5 inches tall and I have been struggling all my life with my weight it goes up and down I have tried all different diets work out with different trainers and haven't been able to keep the weight off I have asthma my cholesterol is high and I am pre-diabetic I'm always short of breath I'm tired I wanted to know if I am a candidate for weight loss surgery

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Sleeve Gastric

Hello dear, thanks for your question.Yes, you are a good candidate for this procedure. At this point bariatric surgery is the best option for patients with obesity tipe 2 and 3 to lose weight. Is the option that last more, and more efficent. Some times patients do the mistake having a plastic surgery when what they need is a bariatric surgery. I suggest to make an appointment with a Board Certified for a personal evaluation. Good look.

Dominican Republic Bariatric Surgeon
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Weight loss surgery for BMI less than 35

Your BMI is 33.  No insurance company will pay for you to have bariatric surgery.  But you are certainly could have the surgery; you just would have to pay for it yourself.  I take care of many such patients.  I would offer you a laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

Mark Pleatman, MD
Bloomfield Hills Bariatric Surgeon
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