Does Water Retention Affect the Efficacy of Zeltiq Coolsculpting?

I am wondering whether being bloated due to hormones or retaining a lot of water due to salty food intake affects the amount of fat that is sucked in and adequately frozen by the zeltiq applicator. I had a Coolsculpting session the morning after a heavy, salt laden meal, and now I worry that I might have negatively impacted my fat loss results. Thank you!

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Coolsculpting for fat loss and bloating

Bloating often refers to the intestinal enlargement that occurs with a slowing down of the movement of the intestinal tract and gas build-up. Water retention in the dermis often affects the lower extremities and face but not as much the abdominal skin. Bloating with gas in the intestines wouldn't prevent getting the typical skin and subcutaneous fat compartments into the CoolSculpting applicator and one should get a good result with fat loss. Similarly, as water retention is not very significant in the skin of the abdomen, theroretically, the freezing of the fat should not be impaired. 

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If one is retaining a significant amount of water and you believe you may have a hormonal imbalance you should get a check up from a primary care physician. However, minimal water retention from a salty meal should not interefere with results of CoolSculpting

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Hydration before Coolsculpting

Adequate hydration is always recommend prior to a Coolsculpting procedure. However to my knowledge over hydration is not related to overall outcome and end result. Typically this procedure works great in properly selected patients.

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Does water retention affect the efficacy of Coolsculpting?

Thank you for your question.  I am not aware of water retention affecting the results after a Coolsculpting treatment.  If the area treated was adequately pulled into the Coolsculpting applicator and the area was raised and firm immediately after removal of the applicator, I would suspect you received an adequate treatment.  Remember that it may take 4 months or longer to see the final results.  In addition, I have seen very good results when the same area was treated 2-3 times. 

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