How can I keep from vomiting up certain foods after having a lap band procedure done in January 2011?

I can't tolerate certain foods such as bread, chicken, turkey, watermelon and many other foods. I eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and don't eat a whole lot. I thought by now the vomitting would have stopped, but it hasn't. I don't have any pain, just vomitting. I have not been back to my doctor since 2013 because I don't want him to remove it since I haven't reached my goal weight. Do you have any suggestions?

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Vomiting 5 years after LapBAND

At this point I imagine that you have learned out to chew your food properly.  A few things happen to patients with tight gastric bands as the years go by.  In some, the esophagus becomes very dilated (stretched out).  It can't handle the obstruction caused by the band, so it dilates to hold the food.  Once this happens it can't pump properly.  Chewed food accumulates.  Sometimes food comes back up some hours after eating, or after lying down in bed.
Another thing that can happen, besides slippage and erosion, is concentric pouch dilation.  In this instance the stomach slowly pushes up through the band to make the pouch bigger.  This makes the band tighter, and makes it more difficult to eat.
How do you figure out the problem?  Simple.  Get an upper GI x-ray, which will easily show what is going on.  It always scares me when patients say they have stopped going back to the surgeon.  LapBAND can only be successful if you get regular follow-up.  The surgeon is your weight loss partner.  He is on your side.  He is there to help you and keep you out of trouble.  Please see your surgeon and have him figure out what, if anything, is wrong.
By the way, if the band is removed, it is quite possible to do another operation such as sleeve gastrectomy, which will get you to your goal weight very quickly.

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Cook better.

There are three reasons food gets stuck- but those foods have certain reasons. Reason one: too large a bite.  If you take a bite larger than a nickel they will get stuck.Reason two: eating too fast.  If you eat too fast you don't allow the food to go through the band - think twenty bites in twenty minutes. People who eat with their hands find those foods get stuck - like watermelon - why - because too big a bite. Reason three: the texture of the food -- especially proteins that are over-cooked. Those proteins include eggs, white meat and lean meats.  They are easily overcooked and if you learn to cook by a sous vide method it will help. Other textures are fibrous ones.It is rarely that the band is too tight.  Learning to slow down, smaller bites, and cook better (meaning don't overcook and learn sous vide).I have included a link below of a video to help you. 

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