Hiatal Hernia with a Lap Band?

I've been banded for 6 years and in the past week I've had increasingly bad reflux, particularly at night (totally unusual for me). I have a feeling deep in my throat like something is stuck. I am not having difficulty tolerating food or liquid, but I was having pb's with little food several days ago, but now I feel less restricted. Wondering if this could be a prolapse or if it sounds more like a hiatal hernia? I had one that was repaired when my band was replaced.

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URGENT...Not Hiatal Hernia....

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Bands have a way of becoming unstable or creating a larger proximal pouch (above the band) that will generate complications and poor weight-loss.

A hiatal hernia (radiological or endoscopic image) will develop as a result of longstanding restriction. As the upper pouch distends it also moves up into the chest. If this is not resolved it will cause a cycle of distention, irritation, swelling, regurgitation and more distention. The severe cases show a distention of the esophagus as well which usually means: "game over".

Once the upper pouch distends, usually surgical removal of the band is the only solution. I know about this...I have treated hundreds of patients with the same diagnosis. 

Options are removal and conversion to a different procedure. In some cases removal and re-banding at a later date. Every case should be individualized.


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