Is Water Pills safe?

I am 4 weeks in after smart lipo on my abs. I have been drained every week some times twice in a week. The right side feels like it need to be drain and is swollen and bumpy but nothing will come out. Today I seen the doctor for a follow-up visit his assistant tried to drain the right side again nothing would come out. The doctor gave me 3 water pills to take every other day. Is this normal?

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I have never drained a patient after Smartlipo and i NEVER give water pills

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it is very unusual to need to be drained after Smartlipo (I have done over 623 Smartlipo cases and never had to drain one). Also it is normal to have some swelling after Samrtlipo. it will go away over a week or maybe two. Every drug has some potential problems and this fluid, you body will get rid of without any medication.

david berman md

Always Consult Your Dr.

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I prescribe water pills to all my post op liposuction patients. I suggest going with your doctors post operative protocol and asking them directly this question.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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