Is this veneer job fixable without starting over? (Photo)

Hello, I got veneers on the top six of my front teeth. In my opinion they are thick, aren't shaped nicely and are uneven in length. I was told they have to be thick to last. Is that true and if so what is a reasonable thickness? Also, the veneers do not cover the entire front of each tooth. A tiny bit of my natural tooth is exposed. Is that normal? Please take a look at the pictures and what I've written and provide feedback. Are my veneers fixable without starting over?

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It would be advisable to visit your dentist who did this veneer treatment because form the images it is difficult to examine properly. 

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Veneers fixable without starting over? #DrSoftTouch

The best thing to do is return to the dentist who placed your veneers to discuss your concerns. It's possible that minor adjustments to the shape and length of your veneers can be made, but major changes would require veneer replacement. Good luck and I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

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Please retake and resubmit photos as described below.

Please bite completely together on you back teeth, like you did in the last picture taken from a side view.  Do this and retake the photos from all of the other views you originally took and resubmit your inquiry.  it appears you are biting in an unnatural class 3 position and I can not evaluate like that. Thank You

Are my veneers fixable without starting over?

To correct all of the issues you have stated, the veneers would have to be started over and replaced.  Veneers require only a minimal thickness for strength(.3 - .7 mm).  Their strength is achieved by the chemical bond to your teeth.  A properly bonded veneer with a properly adjusted bite will last a long time, barring accidents or improper care.  The way the veneer is prepared by the dentist will determine if any of your natural tooth remains exposed.  Advise your dentist of your concerns, share this opinion with him, and see if he can satisfy you.  If not, find an experienced cosmetic dentist that can.  

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Veneers do not need to be thick in order for them to last. They can be as thin as .3 millimeters. To me, your veneers aren't contoured the way a tooth is typically contoured. Unfortunately, the only way to correct this is to remake them. It's ok if a little of your tooth is showing, depending on the situation. 

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