How does an underwire bra impact healing and/or numbness post BA?

I am three weeks post-op from my BA. I have 345cc gel implants, submuscular placement, with inframammary incision. My surgeon cleared me to wear "anything that feels comfortable and doesn't irritate the incision" at two weeks. I have a very soft underwire bra that doesn't rub the scars, and feels comfy. I have seen other surgeons on here saying to avoid underwire bras until the normal feeling returns to the breast. I do still have numbness in some areas. Does underwire prevent/slow the process?

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Underwire bras

As long as the bra is not irritating the incision, underwires usually are okay. However, the exception is the case in which an implant may be riding slightly high. In that instance, an underwire bra can provide too much support in the upward direction and prevent the breast from settling into place. So, if your breast is in generally good position, underwires should be okay, but if it is still riding high, I would avoid it. Ultimately, this decision should made between you and your surgeon. Best of luck!   Dr. Subbio Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Newtown Square/Philadelphia, PA

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Post Op Bra

Thank you for your question. Many Plastic Surgeons advise against wearing underwire bras after BA for 6-8 weeks for a few different reasons. Where you have sensation loss, you may not feel if the wire is pressing on your incision and causing injury. Depending on the fit, It may distort/displace the pocket as well. Push up bras can press the implants upwards at the same time we are expecting them to drop so that is counter-productive as well. I recommend that you discuss these concerns with your Plastic Surgeon if you aren't sure how to proceed.
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Underwire bra and recovery

I do not like my patients to wear an underwire bra until they are normal sensation and the incisions have healed.

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