Tummy Tuck or Lipo for BBL?

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Tummy tuck or lipo for brazilian butt lift

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a tummy tuck will contour your abdomen and remove excess hanging and loose skin and fat from the area. the BBL is lipo and fat transfer.

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Is lipo or a TT needed in performing the BBL?

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The BBL requires donor fat which is often taken from multiple sites. The abdomen and hips are almost always liposuctioned, both to obtain fat as well as to enhance the result of the BBL. A TT is sometimes performed at the same time a sthe BBL when the patient so requests.

Brazilian Butt Lift......

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Hey BBeautiful2

I am assuming that your question is..... Which procedure do you need to have performed to have the Brazilian Butt Lift?  The answer is Liposuction.  The BBL is a procedure where Liposuction is performed to remove fat form parts of your body where you don't want it, and then the fat is injected into your buttocks.   I sometimes perform a tummy tuck at the same time if you need it.  Tummy Tucks are done to tighten your skin of your abdomen.  I hope this is what you were asking. 

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