How is Synthetic or Donor Bone Grafts fastened to the jaw?

I am due for a gum graft and I have some bone loss where a tooth use to be (accident yrs ago and now a bridge). In order to strengthen the area we (perio and I) have discussed a bone graft. I would prefer not to use my own bone. How is the synthetic or donor bone material fastened to my jaw to stay in place? Does the material just stick in place after placing on the jaw? Can I assume this material can only be placed on the ridge since over the yrs bone has likely filled in the socket?

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There are several types of bone grafts that can be performed.  There are human bone gratfs, Bovine derived graft materials and synthetic.  In addition there are particulate and block grafts. There is also bone morphogenetic prtein which can grow bone Each graft ype and location can differ in the way they are "fastened".  They can be placed under a membrane, secured with screws, contained under titanium mesh, etc.  Speak to your doctor to find out the type of graft being used.they can be placed on the ridge, inside the ridge with a ridge split technique, etc

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How is bone attached to jaw?

The bone can come as a particulate or a block if in particulate form the blood clot will hold it in the socket if a a block we attach with bone screws for 6-8 weeks good luck



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