Would slide genioplasty be better decision than chin implant to correct existing asymmetry in chin? (photos)

I've been seeking consultations for my recessed chin. Some say an implant would be better because it is less invasive but others have told me Sliding Genio would be optimal for correcting the asymmetry in my chin. It sounds like most doctors agree that SG can be too aggressive for most cases- but since my existing chin bone is lopsided, would an implant exacerbate the asymmetry rather than correct it? (I've also already has braces for overbite.)

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Sliding genioplasty

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Sliding genioplasty is a simple procedure.  However, I honestly do not see an asymmetry and not sure if augmenting the chin would help you. There is some hyper functioning muscle on the left side of your chin that you might want to inject Botox to fix it.

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Implant is best and easiest

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An implant either surgically placed or injection like Voluma is easy and should work well.   Sliding osteotomy is a bigger deal and potential complications are more problematic. My Best,  Dr Commons

Would sliding Genioplasty be better decision than a chin implant

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A custom carved silastic chin  implant can improve the asymmetry,  but it will not  be perfect. Look for a surgeon with extensive experience  with chin implants for best results a

Chin Augmentation

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For the amount of horizontal chin advancement that you need an implant would be preferred over a sliding genioplasty. The chin asymmetry you have appears to have a bony component to it. So you are correct that a standard chin implant will likely allow that chin asymmetry to persist even when the chin is horizontally augmented. Whether this raises the need for a custom chin implant design to best address your chin asymmetry would depend on more information. Ideally you should have a 3D CtT scan to fully appreciate your chin shape and how to best manage it by any form of augmentation procedure. No matter how the chin augmentation is done, however, it will not fix the lower lip asymmetry.

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