Replacing small implants with even smaller ones; is it worth it?

Eight years ago, I got small implants - 175 and 150 cc. Nevertheless, I went from a B cup to a D, which I find too big for me. I wanted to be a full B/C cup. I am considering having them replaced. The smallest silicone implants I can get are 125 and 100 cc. This is a 30% reduction, but I am reading that you need to go down by 100 cc to go down a cup size. Does anyone have experience in this? I think an extraction with no replacement won't leave a pretty result.

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Smaller implants?

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Reducing the volume of implants may not provide the solution you want.  You should look at the dimensions of implants (base width, projection) before you have surgery.  The projection and width might change by millimeters, which will not be much of a difference in bra size.  Fat grafting may provide a better solution for you . You should speak to a surgeon  certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Need pics and implant size verified

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It is impossible to determine if the 50 cc decrease in size implants will be significant. My recommendations are ti provide actual pictures frontal and oblique and obtain the size, shape, profile, and manufacturer of your existing implants.

Stuart A. Linder, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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17 5 cc implants

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Those are pretty small implants and it is hard to believe that would make you a "D".  Bras do not match implant volumes.  Dropping to 125 cc's although is about 30% less may not be much in a bra.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breasts implants removal

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 Dear Madison,    Front and side view pictures would have been very helpful. Something does not add up, because it is impossible to go from size B to a D  with 150-175 cc implants. Either you got bigger implants and you are un aware of it or you gained some weight. You did not provide your chest circumference measurement in inches, which is critical for the correct implants size selection. If you are indeed D cup presently, removal of the implants (assuming they 150-175 cc) will reduce your breasts size by , roughly, one size, which means for you C cup. Replacing them with 100 - 125 cc implants will make very small change.     It is best for you to consult with experienced board certified plastic surgeon who can take your chest and breasts circumference measurements and decide with you about the best mode of action.                             Best of luck,                                                       Dr Widder     

Different profile implants are a good idea

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An exam is needed since you do not provide pictures for us it is hard to give you too much advice. A lower profile implant or possible a shaped low profile implant may be right for your petite frame. Good luck and please update with pictures.

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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