What are my options to remove a permanent lip filler? How can I find out what filler was used?

More than 3 years ago I got a lip enhancement in Colombia. My lips are still big and haven't decreased in size. I do not like the fake and plastic look anymore and had contacted the surgeon numerous times. He keeps on telling me that he used hyaluron which can't be true. What are my options to remove the - I gues permanent - lip filler? Cost? How can I find out what filler was used? Is there a test?

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There is no way to find out what filler was used, especially when done out side the US.

It is nearly impossible to remove ALL the filler. If one can feel the filler, then you can remove that part. To open the lip will leave a scar on the red portion of the lip, and trying to remove the filler which is in between the muscle fibers will result in a scar and deformity of the lip.

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