Is my labia majora normal or should I be concerned? (photo)

I've seen many pictures of "normal" vaginas, and mine does not seem to fit into any category. From as early as I remember, about 8 when I first noticed, I've had these bumps on my vagina. I know they arent shaving bumps or anything sexually transmitted and I'm now 19 and still have them, but getting more and more concerned. They never itch, hurt, or change size, but they dont seem normal in anyway. Is this something I should be concerned about and are there ways to get rid of it?

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Visit your gynaecologist

Every woman has a different looking genital area, and just because yours doesn't look like the ones you've seen, it may still be normal for you. Either way, you should see your gynaecologist for a checkup. You should be getting annual checkups by this point, anyway.

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Labia normal

I would recommend a quick visit to your gynecologist for a closer inspection on physical exam. Glad to help. 

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