How do I maintain the fat transferred to my butt? When can I start sitting down without pillow? (Photo)

I don't want to lose the fat that is transferred in my buttocks. How do I maintain it? "." Should I eat more. If I eat more would it feed the fat in my butt?

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BBL after care

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If your surgeon was a board certified plastic surgeon, and had done a ton of Brazilian butt lifts, you should have detailed written and spoken instructions. I suspect your question is realy about weight gain. My recommendation is as follows; depending on how much you weighed before surgery, the best results seem to come in patients who lose  ( not gain) a similar amount of pounds as the surgeon took out. so let's say the Surgeon took out three thousand ccs, and put 900ccs back into each butt cheek, and assuming your weight was 180 pounds (I know it wasn't I'm just trying to make this understandable); your net  loss was 1200 ccs (about two and a half pounds). Then your ideal weight in six months should be about five pound less (175.)This dosent mean that a ten pound gain or loss would ruin your result, it just seems to me that in my patients It is the ideal scenario, regardeless of the initial weight. Brazilian butt lifts mean better butts, not just bigger butts. Good luck and congratulations. Love your photos, they make answering your question easier. But don't be surprised if the result drops off in a few months, only to come back in six months or so.

When can I start sitting down without pillow? (Photo)

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You should follow the recovery instructions of your surgeon. I recommend refraining from sitting down for more than 30 minutes in the first 1-2 weeks.

BBL aftercare

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Thank you for your question, posting appropriate pictures. Congratulations for undergoing the BBL procedure and having good results.each surgeon has their own recommendations, I instruct patients not to sit on the grafted area for two weeks. We start a series of lymphatic massage and continue with garment use for two months after the procedure.

Fat transfer

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Each doctor has his own protocol.  I prefer that patients do not sit directlyh on the buttock for about two weeks.  Best to check with your surgeon.

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