Can Invisalign move a tooth to replace another?

I have a 12-year molar that doesn't have an opposing tooth because it never grew in. The tooth next to this molar now has significant problems and I am being advised to get a root canal. Would it be possible to remove this tooth and then use Ivisalign to move the 12-year molar in its place. In addition to closing the gap, it would have to push the molar back up because it is overly erupted. I had braces before so my teeth are all well-aligned right now.

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Save every tooth in your mouth!

My advice is to try and save every tooth in your mouth.  There is a reason why molars (flat teeth) are in the back and premolars (skinnier teeth) are located more towards the front.  You should have root canal therapy in both premolar and molar, then crowns on each made at the proper level, then an implant on the lower.  Intrusion of a tooth is very difficult to do.

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Moving molar


Every case is different. Invisalign is able to do many complex cases that was not possible before but there is no guarantee of anything until you are actually seen to evaluate the gap and the condition of the teeth.  The best way to answer you is to have you come in for a complimentary exam to accurately guide you in what should be done.

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