Anyone heard of this happening? I am still having quite significant pain over one month after abdominal CoolSculpt.

The physician which was associated with the place where I receive the service has thrown his hands up and said that there's no way I could still be experiencing pain. Only recommendation is to stay on the Neurontin but I don't want to be on that forever. It is true that the Neurontin is decreasing the pain, it is more troubling that it is still thesignificant after that. Of time. Have any of you heard of this type of thing as I am relatively sure that permanent nerve damage has occurred.

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CoolSculpting and Late Onset Pain

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Late onset nerve pain is common when associated with the abdominal area, especially when the larger applicators are applied.  This can last up to 2 weeks in patients, but in rare cases may last longer.  You may want to check with your physician to see if they can prescribe you a higher dose medication for you.  Also, there are some other ways to mitigate the pain.  These include wearing compression garments, icing, warm towels, stretching, or taking benadryl or ambient at night.  If pain still persists after all of this, consult with a physician to see if there are any other problems that may be occurring in the area.  Zeltiq, the company who manufactures and created CoolSculpting, has done studies on permanent nerve damage and have found that CoolSculpting does not permanently cause any nerve damage.  

Pain after Coolsculpting

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I would ask your physician to reach out to the people at Zeltiq to see if they have had any other cases where the pain is prolonged and if they have any ideas.  It is not common to have pain that long after treatment.

Pain following CoolSculpting

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Delayed onset pain is a known phenomenon for a very small percentage of patients following CoolSculpting. The typical duration is about 2 weeks  It is possible that you are experiencing a longer duration of this condition. Nerves can be slow to recover , sometimes even 6-12 months after trauma. Time will help. Best of luck!

Abdominal pain 1 month after CoolSculpting

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Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear that. Although uncommon, this can happen with some abdominal treatments. Ensure that your physician is managing your Neurontin and be sure to ask for more tips to help you with your healing. 

Pain 1 month After Cool Sculpting

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Dear Permapain, This discomfort is real but rare. We are 2 years in to cool sculpting and have had about a dozen clients need Neurotin for abdominal treatments. I would give it more time still. This should resolve. If after another month, revisit with the practice. There is an option of adding lidocaine patches the dull the pain on thy tummy while you sleep. I am assuming you ice and wear compression as that sometimes helps as well. I have no clients that had it last longer than month, so perhaps  a little more time. Lastly, I am assuming you're on the most neurotic you can be on for the pain? Make sure they are managing the neurotin well. Best of Luck. 

Pain after CoolSculpting to abdomen

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Dear permapain:
Discomfort such as what you describe can occur but is exceedingly rare and yes, it can last a month or more, although that is not typical. Patients who have experienced this have had treatments of the abdomen with the largest applicator, the CoolMax, and especially if multiple areas are treated on the same day with this applicator. 
Rest assured that it is not permanent. It is safe to take the neurons in for as long as you need it.
All the best, Dr. Clark

Pain after Coolsculpt

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Mild discomfort after Coolsculpting is not unexpected, but significant pain, or shooting pain is extremely rare. I have seen a patient that was treated elsewhere that had a very sensitive area with shooting pain that lasted nearly a year. It eventually went away. She never took neurontin, but that would be the recommended treatment. Sorry to hear that you are having this problem, but more than likely it will go away on it's own.
Good Luck,
Andrew Campbell, M.D.Quintessa Aesthetic Centers

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