Breast reduction scar revision recovery

I received a breast reduction in Jan. of this year. My scars were perfect 2 weeks after my surgery. I noticed that my scars were getting wider (see previous post). A month ago, 7 months post-op, I had scar revision surgery. Now I am afraid that the same thing will happen. My PS is on vacation. What healing method do you recommend I follow, and for how long? I do not want to use Mederma because I am afraid that the steroids in the product caused my skin to become thin and vulnerable to tension.

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Management of incisions after scar revision for breast reduction.

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A scar revision will be managed by her own surgeon. It's highly unlikely scar creams have any benefit in anyone. Protect the wound from any trauma including garments, ultraviolet light, and scratching arriving. Outside of that the fate of the ultimate scar will be genetically determined. Remember that the process of one remodeling takes many months.

Scar revision

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Surgeons may have different scar care regimens, so since you just had surgery, you should speak to your surgeon or his office to find out what he recommends.


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If the incisions are still healing, usually antibiotic ointment like Bacitracin is recommended.  Once healed, you can start a scar cream.  Mederma is very popular.  You can apply it to the scars massaging them at the same time daily or twice a day.  Mederma does not contain steroids so this should not be a concern.  A better option may be a silicone gel cream like Bio-corneum.  The combination of time, massage, and silicone gel should give you the best scar results.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

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