How to Approach Papillary Gingival Recession Around a Bridge?

I have a bridge (#7 to #9 teeth) that has some papilary recession between #8 and #9 and, thus, subsequently a black triangle exists. I am wondering if there is a certain technique for fixing this problem area while not removing the bridge? How successful are papilary reconstruction methods?

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Papillary Gingival Recession Around a Bridge is Determined by the Bone

This is an interesting situation.  The gum tissue follows the bone - thus you must have some bone loss between those teeth.  Just adding some "gum tissue" over the bone will eventually resorb back.  There are, however, a couple ways to improve this - you can remove the bridge and make a new one where you make the contact between the teeth closer to you gum line so you can replace the black triangle with porcelain.  A simpler option is to bond composite to the bridge to bring the contact closer to the gum line.  This is a less long term and possibly a little less esthetic, but it may serve the purpose for your particular situation and is definitely minimally invasive.

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Recession and Bridge

There is free gingival graft surgery that you could look into, but they are not proven to be 100% sucessful. The best option is the combination of a graft with a new bridge.

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