Cheek Implant Sizing Too Small?

I'm 2 days post OP cheek implants and I honestly feel that the implants the surgeon chose for me are too small. I don't really see the bold difference I was opting for. He placed them fairly high up in my face, so I CAN feel and see them, despite the swelling that sits lower down my cheeks. Will a cheek implant with Lenght: 34mm, Width: 23mm, Thickness: 4mm possibly give ANY bold and dramatic change at all to a face, or is the sizing too subtle/conservative for that? Possible revision...

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Cheek implant too small?

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Well, I will tell you this.  It's impossible to know how your cheeks are ultimately going to look only two days after surgery.  You mentioned that there is some swelling lower on your cheek (which is to be expected).  Once the swelling in that area dissipates, you may notice that your upper cheeks (where the implants are), actually look bigger.  Without seeing you, it's not possible to determine what size implant may have been most appropriate for you.  I would recommend just waiting it out at this point and re-evaluating your face in a couple of weeks after most of the swelling is gone.  

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