As Big As They're Gonna Get? Or Maybe Not!

I just had my breast augmentation done a week and a half ago with 450 cc of saline under the muscle and i went from a 36B to right now 36D that is a little snug should I expect them to get any bigger?? I heard of something called "drop and fluff"

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Implants and swelling

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You are probably swollen now, and they will probably get a fraction smaller as the swelling subsides.

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They Become softer

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You are early in your recovery. Your implants will soften and feel more natural as the swelling subsides. Please be patient and wait for your result. Best wishes.

Dr. ES

Breast implants do not increase in size after augmentation.

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There may be a modest amount of swelling resolution that would cause the breasts after augmentation to get slightly smaller with resolution. This is almost negligible although volume distributional change the storm subsides.

As Big As They're Gonna Get? Or Maybe Not!

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You question is hard to answer without photos. Usually there is not much swelling after placing breast implants. Often, though under the muscle implants are "high riding" from displacement of the fluid due to compression by the pectoral muscle. As the muscle relaxes (3 months) to accommodate the implants, the  upper poles seem to empty out, the lower pole fills out. No change in overall volume, but some feel the implant is larger then.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Will my breasts get bigger as they 'drop and fluff'?

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Dear Toadie,

Thank you for your question.  Without a photo, it is difficult to see if there is any swelling there.  The answer to this question depends on swelling and where the swelling is.  In general, the actual breast volume decreases as swelling decreases.  However, if the implants are high and will drop, then the lower portion of the breast will get bigger as they drop.  Also, if there is a lot of swelling in the sternum area, then the breasts can 'look' smaller as there is less definition.  As the swelling goes down in the sternum area, they can look bigger as the cleavage increases. 

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
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