Can you still perform a tummy tuck when you have large older scars?

30 years ago I had my Gaul bladder out which has left me with a very fine hairline scar of about 10 inches. In fairness you can hardly see it. I also had some of my intestines removed . This has also left me with a scar of about 8" from my tummy button straight up. Will I still be able to have a tummy tuck and will I still get reasonable results. After 2 natural births and losing a lot of weight it has left me with an apron of wrinkly loose skin. Any improvement would be better than this.

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Previous scars and tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question.  Previous incisions can certainly interfere with an abdominoplasty as the blood supply is altered.  Photos would be helpful, as well as an in-person exam.  Depending on your situation, liposuction and a mini tummy tuck may be an option, or in some cases the scars can be excised depending on the extend of skin looseness and scar location.   Best to check with a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation.  Regards,


Tummy Tuck with Previous abdominal scars

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Hello and thank you for your question.  If the incision is in the middle and oriented in an up-and-down configuration, it may still be possible to have a tummy tuck.  The concern is always that the previous scars will interfere with circulation to the skin that is tightened during the tummy tuck. A midline incision is better in terms of circulation than an incision that runs side to side. You should consult with an experienced plastic surgeon who could give you a definitive answer.  Best wishes.

Previous scars and abdominoplasty

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Previous scars can be concerning because they can disrupt the blood supply to the incision for your tummy tuck. That being said, there are unique and creative ways to incorporate previous scars into the final scar for your tummy tuck but it really depends where they are. A high abdominal scar may not be excised at the end of a tummy tuck and can create problems. Abdominoplasty does have one of the highest complication rates of plastic surgery procedures, so it is important to see a board certified plastic surgeon. Best, MMT

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