I Have Warts on Large Part of my Body. About 9 Months Ago I Referred to a Dermatologist and He Decided to Use Laser CO2?

about 9 months ago i referred to a dermatologist and he named my problem : diffuse verrucose liner mole . so he decided to use laser CO2 ULTRAPULSE for removing them . until now he has done 5 sessions laser therapy . one month after every session some warts are removed completely but again some of them are come back and not removed . I want to know is that some thing natural ? If so how much laser therapy sessions is needed for exterpating them ?

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Removing Warts with the CO2 Laser

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CO2 laser treatments are quick, practical and an effective way to remedy the problem of warts. The use of carbon dioxide laser therapy in removing warts has been proven effective to our patients. In most cases, it should take only one treatment with the laser to eliminate a wart, however, it can take more than one is certain situations. If you have any concerns such as the length and amount of treatments, I would consult the treating physician. “Dr. D”

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