Was my middle left turbinate reduced? (Photos)

I had nasal septum surgery and possibly some turbinate reduction. When breathing with my left nostril symptoms resemble those of empty nose syndrome- dryness, coldness, sometimes numbing pain. Right nostril is perfectly fine. The CT description mentions left middle turbinate adjoins nasal septum. I was diagnosed with post-surgery nasal adhesion. Do the CT scans show reduced middle left turbinate or is it only misplaced?

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Reduced turbinate

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Comparing the two scans nothing was done with the middle turbinate and at the plane provided on the CT the inferior turbinates look the same. It's HIGHLY unlikely that you have empty nose syndrome. After septoplasty the left side has more symptoms and recovers longer because that's usually where the incision is made. The only thing new on the scan is a cyst or polyp in the left maxillary sinus which are fairly common and usually asymptomatic. It's possible it might be the source of what you're feeling. Also if the middle turbinate adheres to or contacts the septum a focal point of inflammation can occur. It's a simple process to separate them which may help. Best wishes

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