What would you recommend for less invasive procedure for 1 inch diasasis recti and a "mesh" from an umbilical hernia? (photos)

Hi, I have had 2 C-sections and an umbilical hernia repair after my last pregnancy. I have approximately a 1inch diastasis recti. I have very little loose skin on my abdomen other than a bulge above my C-section scar. I want a procedure that is less invasive. Endoscopic tummy tuck or maybe a mini tummy tuck?? Can the "mesh" they used to fix my hernia can be removed?. It feels as though more fat is deposited over the mesh in my abdomen. Would I be able to get rid of that with lipo during the procedure.

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What would you recommend for less invasive procedure for 1 inch diasasis recti and a "mesh" from an umbilical hernia?

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No less invasive operation is a good idea. I advise to a short scar full TT with MR and umbilical hernia repair... 

Mini tuck with diastesis repair

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The best thing is that you do not have stretch marks and mini tuck with diastesis repair will work. Please see examples in my site that have similar issue. 

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Improvement of my tummy

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It is difficult to be totally sure without an examination, but you look like you probably have a modified tummy tuck. That would be a mini to remove the extra skin below your umbilicus, with a repair of the diastasis both above and below the umbilicus. You do not look like you have a significant amount of loose skin above the umbilicus, nor hooding of the belly button. You could have lipo of the upper abdomen and love handle region at the same time. I would leave the mesh, and just tighten the diastasis. 
If on exam however it looks like the diastasis goes right to the umbilicus and mesh area, you may benefit from the full. I would recommend you get an examination from a board certified plastic surgeon in your area that performs these regularly. 

Rick Rosen, MD
Norwalk Plastic Surgeon
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Endoscopic or Mini Abdominoplasty

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After an exam, I would then probably agree to either an endoscopic repair or a Mini, both with liposuction to remove fat and sculpt your abdomen. The mesh sometimes causes the appearance of thickness and can either be removed or dealt with during your hernia exam and muscle tightening. Hope this helps!!

Mini tummy

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Thank you for you question. Based on your photo, I believe you would be a great candidate for a mini tummy tuck. This procedure will allow the scar to be place very low in your bikini line. It will also allow the surgeon to plicate the musculature at the midline. With the mini, some added liposuction will give you very nice result. I recommend speaking with a board certified plastic surgeon near you. 

Johnny Shea-Yuan Chung, MD, FACS
Allentown Plastic Surgeon

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