Are these burns normal? Is this fluid build up normal? (photos)

I had smartlipo 6/30/16. I have burns and fluid buildup in my lower abdomen. It is really soft. Will this resolve on its own? Going back to my PS is not an option. I would have to have another one monitor my healing. I had my upper and lower abdomen, flanks and bra roll done. I am considering going to my primary care dr to have this drained.

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Burns after Smartlipo are very unusual but not impossible

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I have not had a burn in doing over 600 Smartlipo cases in my office. However, it is always a risk. It is hard to tell from photos alone but i would suspect that these burns will heal on their own without requiring any treatment. It may take up to a year but the color will probably return to normal too. be careful not to sunburn these areas.
It is not at all clear, that you have fluid buildup by the photos. It could just be swelling. It is rare to get seromas after Smartlipo. Your family dr is not going to know much about this. You definitely should see a board certified PS with experience in Smartlipo, if you don't want to go back to your original surgeon.
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Post SmartLipo, Burn and Fluid Build Up/Seroma -- SEE AN EXPERT

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With any type of laser, there is a risk for burns- this is prevented with treatment from an experienced physician. Laser treatment and other procedures can be used for improvement. Fluid build up should also be assessed by a physician, this could indicate a seroma or hematoma. If you do not feel comfortable returning to your PS,  please seek an expert for follow up care and healing. Best, Dr. Emer

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