I Am Wanting to Get my Breasts Re-done. How Much Smaller to Go?

I am 23 years old and had my breasts done when i was 18 (in 2007). I naturally was a 34 B, 5'4 and 127 pounds. 27" hips. I had 400 cc moderate saline implants filled to 425. To me, I feel like they are too big for my body and make me look very top heavy. I am wanting to go down to about half my size.. About what size would it take me if i was to remove these implants and go with 250cc? Also, would my skin/tissue readjust, or would I need a lift etc. thank you.

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Smaller implants. Will I need a Lift?

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The question you ask it is sometimes difficult to answer during a live consultation, let alone on an Internet posting without photos. There is a reasonable chance that in a patient of your age a small increase in size we'll not leave you with an excess of skin. An older patient or one with poor skin elasticity is more likely to have excess skin and require a breast lift. If the decision seems on the border line I would typically favor not doing a lift unless it prove necessary after several months.


As far as going down to "half your size" probably neither you nor I would agree and what that means. If you want to go to a size that is half the amount of enlargement he had you might want implant with 200 or 225 cc of fill volume. If you want half of her current total breast size she would have to add in a correction for the amount of native breast tissue that you have. Determining the amount of size decrease in a patient who wishes smaller implants into more difficult challenge than determining the amount to increase the patient who wants larger implants. One option the morning of surgery that I occasionally use is to aspirate from a saline implant the estimated amount of size reduction and have the patient look at the size in the mirror. Needless to say, not all patients to whom I suggest this are game.


Good luck and best wishes.


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Smaller Breast Implants

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It is hard to determine whether or not you will need skin excision or a breast lift after an implant exchange to a smaller size. You are young and assuming you have not had children yet, your skin may still be in good condition to go down a couple of sizes. I would suggest consulting with your plastic surgeon and make a decision based off of their examination and recommendations.

Breast implant exchange

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Most likely your surgeon will have to perform a lift or skin reduction if you use smaller implants.  Consider going a touch smaller and switch over to gel implants.  They are more natural in their feel and contour. 

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Jay H. Ross, MD, FACS
Palm Harbor Plastic Surgeon

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