Wanting Breast Augmentation, Mainly to Correct Severe Asymmetry? (photo)

I've had issues with asymmetry since I started developing at the age of 13. I am nearing 5'7'', approximately 160lbs and measured at Victoria Secrets as a 36-D (on the right). When I was thinner, 138lbs, I was a 36-B. I am shooting for implants that would take someone my size from a 36-B to a 36-D, even if it pushes me over a 36-DDD now. I would like to hear some opinions of possible options and maybe some standard questions to ask perspective Surgeons. Looking for silicon implants. Thank you!

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Elective breast augmentation and breast asymmetry

It is very common for breasts to have some degree of asymmetry and you are no different. Your photo demonstrates moderate asymmetry. I would encourage you to seek a plastic surgeon who has significant experience treating asymmetry or one who does a lot of breast reconstruction in addition to breast augmentation surgery. Looking at their before and after photos will be important so that you can determine if they have had experience with your type of asymmetry.  Some of the options for improving symmetry include: size and style of implants (maybe using different sizes or different styles on each breast), adding some degree of breast lifting or skin tailoring  etc. The important point is to spend some time meeting with your potential surgeon, reviewing their work and then formalizing a surgical plan.

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Breast Lift On One Side and Implants on Both Best For Asymmetry

Thank you for your question. I agree that you need to consult a Bpard Certified Plastic Surgeon who is very experienced in Breast Surgery.


You do have a significant asymmetry or unevenness of your breasts. Considering your desired size you will need Breast Implants on Both sides.

However for symmetry you will need a lift on the right to make your nipples more evenly placed. See the second case photo in the link below.

Breast asymmetry

your options to improve your asymmetry are  two different size implants,silicone gel implants at your request, using sizers during surgery to determine the final implant size of the implants. I  prefer putting the implants under your pectoral muscles. The same procedure could be done with saline implants, with much smaller incisions. The orientation of the left nipple-areolar structure is lateral and that is usually magnified by augmention. I have tried to bring the nipple more medial, by excising a crescent of skin medially with some success

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Wanting Breast Augmentation, Mainly to Correct Severe Asymmetry?

Understand you may need multiple operations top achieve a symmetrical result. Best to obtain IN PERSON opinions. 

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Wanting Breast Augmentation, Mainly to Correct Severe Asymmetry? (photo)

It is difficult to correct breast asymmetry ,particularly when associated with volume discrepancy. We normally place the desired volume implant to assess the size., However this does not sufficiently address shape and nipple position. Adjustable implants can be of value as they allow for post  operative volume change. Fat injections can also be used to correct asymmetry after surgery 

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Wanting Breast Augmentation, Mainly to Correct Severe Asymmetry?

    With regard to the larger breast, a smaller implant can be placed.  A larger implant can be placed in the smaller breast.  The larger breast may need some adjustment of the areola to a higher position if it rests lower.  I suspect that it does more so when the arms at your sides.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast augmentations each year and can create symmetry in the most difficult of cases.   Look at before and after photo galleries and make that judgement for yourself.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Breast asymmetry

It looks like you are holding your hands in the air, and it distorts things a bit. It is best to knwo what you are looking for.  Do you want the smaller one to be as large as the bigger one or both bigger?  Best to be evaluated in person.

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Breast asymmetry and breast implants

Some things to keep in mind when considering breast augmentation for asymmetry:

Breast implants are just pillow volume. They do not reposition, move, or even address many aspects of asymmetry -- only volume. It matters where the volume is but implants only address volume. In cosmetic breast augmentation, even shape is not changed much and not in an asymmetric manner.

Breast implants come in different sizes and volumes but you can't just put different size implants in and expect to correct even simple volume/shape asymmetry. We actually do not have a simple way to measure breast overall volume and how much more or less volume one breast has from the other. Shape and position is a major factor in estimating volume. Another problem is that if the breasts are to be the same size/shape, then the width of the implant needs to be close to the same on each side. Only the forward volume can be adjusted and only to a limited choice range, particularly in gel-filled implants.

Other aspects of breast asymmetry have to be addressed with different techniques that can correct them. It is rare to have a breast asymmetry that is purely volume and can be corrected with implants alone. Most minor size and shape/nipple-areola asymmetries are ignored or can even be downplayed in topless photos. The best that can be done is to be aware of the nature and extent of the asymmetry and what is going to be addressed or corrected by the procedure. What is not going to be corrected must be accepted. 

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Breast asymmetry is more common than your realize

You are not alone. Most patients have some degree of breast asymmetry. If volume is your main issue, then placement of breast implants of different sizes will provide better symmetry between your breasts. Schedule an evaluation with your local plastic surgeon to find out which treatment regimens may be right for you. Thanks for sharing your photo and concerns. Best wishes!

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Breast Surgery for Asymmetry Concerns?

I am sorry to hear about the problems you have had with breast asymmetry beginning at a very early age. At this point, you will be best off seeking consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience helping patients in your situation. The picture that you have posted, is not of sufficient quality (arms raised) to provide you with any meaningful  and/or  accurate advice.

Once you have selected your plastic surgeon carefully, communicate your goals carefully. In my practice, I find these goal pictures very helpful during this communication process. Show your plastic surgeon what you would like to achieve and what you consider to be  too small or too big…

 Also, it will be important to learn about the potential  pros/cons/risks/complications associated with breast surgery; these are appropriate questions to ask of your plastic surgeon.

 There are many other things to consider when it comes to timing of breast surgery;  consider your psychosocial status,  willingness to accept scars, timing of pregnancies if planned…  Understanding the probable need for additional surgery in the short or long-term and achieving realistic expectations will also be important parts of the  pre-operative educational process.

 I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

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