Hello! What would be the best treatment for a minor gap in between the front incisors? (photo)

i am 19 years old and due to periodontal problem(gingivitus) i feel that ive a gap in between my incisors tough its a very minor gap and is not visible much but i feel irritated and makes me self-concious when i smile!! please let me know would braces help treat the gap and how long would i need to put on braces? and will i need it on both the maxilla and mandible.. if not braces,what other method would remove the gap?? i'll b waiting for the answer Thanks

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Another way possible...

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... is Invisalign.  You would have to be evaluated by a dentist.  Porcelain veneers permanently alter your tooth structure and orthodontic treatment does not.  Consider these two options carefully.

Rochester Dentist

Consider veneers or bonding

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It appears that your concern is more of an anatomical issue than one associated with tooth misalignment. While Invisalign could bring these slightly more in alignment, you have a very short gum papilla at the top, which creates a “black triangle” between the teeth. Your most promising success will come from dental veneers or composite bonding.

Michael Tam, BDS
Australia Dentist

How to fix a minor gap between teeth....

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You have a few option, so here are what I see as the pros and cons to each.

Option #1:  Metal braces.
Pros - they work great at giving you the results that you want.
Cons - metal braces can be unsightly for patients past high school age; they can be expensive; they can take long (2-3 years is average); they can be uncomfortable to wear and painful to get adjusted.

Option #2: Invisalign
Pros - easy to wear and no painful adjustments; care is shorter (9-12 months is average); people will not notice them when you have them on; are not cumbersome while eating because they can easily be removed; allow you to whiten your teeth while wearing them.
Cons - patient has the ability to remove them at will, so if the patient doesn't wear them, then they will not work; may need refinements at the end which can extend treatment for several months; can increase likelihood of cavities if proper hygiene is not followed, can be expensive; results can vary

Option #3: Veneers
Pros - instant results; can give a perfect appearance of teeth; should last very long (on average 20+ years); are stain resistant; takes 1 appointment in a cosmetic dental office; no painful adjustments or months of follow-ups; they preserve healthy tooth roots.
Cons - they take away some of your enamel, (but enamel is replaced by a harder substance); they can be expensive if you need more than just 1 or 2.

Good luck with whatever you choose and follow me if you have any additional questions for me.
Sarah Thompson, DMD of  O'Fallon, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri

Treatment for minor gap between front teeth

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Hi Much Concerned...There are three alternatives to fix this gap. Since you are 19 years, I would not want to start out veneering your teeth.  You are very young. When veneers are placed, your natural tooth is reduced.  Your teeth look healthy and white and I would keep them! You could bond the space between the teeth with composite bonding material and close the gap, the cost being minimal, or you can use invisalign express or Six Months Smiles which will correct the gap using a clear alternative to braces. This would be more expensive than bonding but it will last!  Depending on your finances, the best solution is invisalign and the least costly is bonding.  Hope this helps and keep your natural teeth as long as possible!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Closing gap

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The only way to predictably close that space is with two porcelain veneers.  You cannot graft that with soft tissue and bonding that space is extremely difficult. 

Invisalign would work...

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This would take 2-3 months and might involve lower teeth too.  A relatively easy case based on the photo.

Ernest Wong, DDS, MS
San Diego Dentist

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