I Had Wanted Only the Inside of my Knees Lipo, But the Tool Went from Inner Inside Top of Thigh Down, Can This Be Reversed?

It looks really bad like a long line out of my inner thighs all the way down to my knee...I can not wear shorts or dresses or swimsuit, it looks really bad...I should have done my research better...on lipo, I should have asked the doctor more questions...now I just need to know can this be fixed?

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Defects after Liposuction

Without an exam or photos its a bit difficult to assess your situation, but defects after liposuction can be made better, often.  The most common technique is to do a combination of feathering liposuction into the surrounding areas and fat transfer to the defect.

Seek the advise of your surgeon or get an opinion with a reputable plastic surgeon who deals with these problems somewhere in your area.

If you had "spa liposuction" because you thought it would be safer, cheaper, and easier, warn your friends so they don't make the same mistake.

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