Can my facial scar be removed?

I met with an accident 2 months back and my chin was cut and it ws sutured... the scar is of the size of a fore finger in terms of length... there is lump because of that suture... as it has been two months already should i consult any skin specialist or will this lump and scar fade away as the time passes... can the lump and scar be completely removed?!

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Scar Fading Takes Time

Hi Bharath!  thanks for your question!  scars on the face are always disturbing and we want them to fade away as quickly as possible and hopefully become invisible.  However, scars are permanent and cannot be removed by any method currently known.  however, scars do naturally flatten and fade over time (usually 6-12 months) hopefully to flesh colored or white.  at 6-8 weeks your scar is likely at its worst.  your best course of action at this time is to have a consultation with a skin specialist as you mention or a board certified plastic surgeon to see if your scar is behaving normally for its age and location and to see if any additional treatment could speed your scar's recovery.  possible treatment options include topical scar creams, pressure massage, laser or IPL treatments and even scar revision.  wishing you a speedy recovery and a scar that is flat and minimally noticeable!  Dr. H

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Scars on the face - Los Angeles scar specialist

Scar revision surgery is a specialty in our Los Angeles plastic surgery practice. A combination of lasers and surgery can help reduce the visibility of the scars.

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