Did not get big breasts and nice cleavage I wanted. What kind of implant is right for me? (photo)

I am 2 weeks post op and I know I have a lot of healing to do, but I wish they were bigger and I can't achieve any cleavage at all. Initially when I was trying the implants on I chose a 385cc HP silicone implant. With this size implant I felt comfortable that they were going to give me my desired look but they did not. They still look small to me and don't give me much definition or cleavage. Both which I wanted to achieve. What size should I go up to and what profile implant?

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Breast Augmentation Healing

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Thank you for your question about breast augmentation.

Healing takes more time than people expect and it can be discouraging.You are still swollen and things take time to heal.  You will need at least six months to see your final result.  It is important to see your plastic surgeon because she/he knows exactly what was done for you.  If you are have serious concerns you should contact your surgeon.

Best Wishes

The desire to be bigger

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is the most common 'complaint' I get in my practice following augmentation.  Regardless, you have a very nice result at 2 weeks and I'm positive, is a huge difference from where you started.  So heal and adjust and in most situations, it will work out perfectly for you.  I counsel my patients that they will have a fuller chest with more curves and better fit of their clothing, yet they can still use a padded bra for those special outfits.  And at the end of the night, their bust will still be there, even if smaller than what may be desired.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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2 weeks after breast augmentation

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You are ver early in the healing process and my advice is patience.  Your photos show an excellent two week result.  Over the first few weeks and months your tissues will better accomodate the implant and the result will look even better.  I believe that you can look forward to an excelent final result.

Michael B. Tantillo, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Please be patient 2 weeks after breast augmentation

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For 2 weeks your breast augmentation result looks excellent.  Please understand that the breast implants will adjust to your breast and to send on the chest wall.  In the first 3 months there will be significant changes in the appearance of your breasts and they will begin to look more natural and full as the implant adjusts to your breast shape.  I do believe you will look good at this time and you will be much happier with your breast and the next 6 weeks.

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