hello wanted to get advice about asymmetrical jaw (photo)

hello i have an asymmetrical jaw and thought about having jaw jurgery and went to some surgeons and they all said i didnt need even my orthodontist said i was crazy for wanting to fix my jaw. i uploded some pics and would appreciate your comments and advice. i am currently finishing my orthodontic treatment, i have lingual braces and that is the final result. no crosbite , my teeth on the left side are sitting good on each other but the right side(left side in the picture) is the problamatic. thank you

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Asymmetrical jaw

I am not a big fan of lingual braces and neither are any of the orthodontist that I work with. You provide photos of your teeth and bite but not your face and profile.  A decision to do jaw surgery isn't necessarily only based on the position and bite of the teeth. It is more dependant on the relationship of the jaws to the cranial base.jaw surgery is indicated if a patient desires to change their profile or  elongate or shorten their face. Facial symmetry and facial proportions need to be evaluated and then ethnic considerations must be added to the equations.  I would recommend getting a second opinion from another surgeon and another orthodontist. I think it's important to understand that what you are desiring may be more of an aesthetic result instead of a functional surgery. That being said you may want to approach the surgeon in that manner.  Best of luck 
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