Wanted 475 high profile silicone implants, doctor did different sizes resulting in smaller then I wanted, what can I do? (photo)

I wanted 475 high profile implants silicone, I just got my surgery this Dec. during surgery the doctor ended up putting 475 in my left n only 425 in my right. I'm very upset they came out smaller than I wanted, mostly because I only truly got a 425 inplant. I asked why they wouldn't of done 475/525 rather than go smaller. what can i do to have this fixed n how soon it can be changed, also is it normal for a doctor to go smaller than larger to get the size implants I wanted.

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Size difference

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I would discuss this in a non confrontational manner with my surgeon. Obviously you had a volume difference that should have been noted prior to surgery so appropriate sized implants would have been available and this communicated to you. Then the option would have been to put the larger on the smaller side or vice versa. Again something to be discussed prior to surgery so there would be no surprises when you wake up. Dr. Corbin

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