I Want to Transfer Fat to My Buttocks. Costs?

My measurements are 34-29-38. I weight 132 and I'm 5'1. I had a kid, So I'm having trouble with my arms, stomach, waist/lovehandles, back, and chin. I have excessive fat that I'm having a hard time getting rid of... I was wondering two things. Can I transfer all this fat to my hips and buttocks? Whats my price range that I'm looking at?

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Prices and payment policies are different depending on the surgeon who performs your procedure. Financing is also available. In Toronto, ON, the cost ranges from $8500 to $10,000.  

Please see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon for an assessment to determine if the procedure is suitable for you. 

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Areas of liposuction for Brazilian buttock lift

The fat can be liposuctioned from all the areas you mention and transferred to your hips and buttocks. I would consult with a board certified plastic surgeon because I would be a bit concerned that you may not have enough fat at your current weight.The total cost of the procedure can range from 7000-10,0000 depending on the number of areas of liposuction- this typically includes operating room fees and anesthesia fees.

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Brazilian Buttlift and Costs

   At your height and weight, you will likely have a good amount amenable to liposuction for transfer, but a physical exam is always necessary to assess skin laxity and fat stores.  I typically liposuction 5 liters from the abdomen, flanks, and back and transfer 1200 cc to 1500 cc per buttock.  If you have additional areas that you want liposuctioned, this adds to the time of the case and increases the cost.  The average cost for Brazilian buttlift is probably $7000 or $8000, but I would not let price be your guide.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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