I Want to Know What Can I Do to Tighten my Stomach, with out Surgury?

i am 32 years old, mother of three kids..right now 134 pounds, i have to know what procedure you can recomend for me.. i dont want tummy tuck cause i dont like the scar that it leaves. please let me know which is my best option..

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Because of the changes in anatomy that pregnancy causes, Tummy Tuck is the only effective option for most mommies

Hi there-

When a woman experiences pregnancy, as the baby grows within her uterus, the pressure from within (often) causes stretching of the tissues of the abdominal wall. Because the abdominal wall is composed of both muscles and connective tissue, these tissues do not tolerate this stretching equally...

After the baby is born and you return to your pre-baby weight, the muscles may try to return to their previous positions, but because the connective tissues have (usually) been torn or stretched beyond their abilitiy to recoil, a certain amount of the stretching of your abdomen is permanent. 

This is why many mothers feel they have to constantly "suck in" in order to avoid appearing round in the belly, and is also why even extremely fit mommies are never able to return their tummy to a flat appearance- it's not a muscle problem, it's a problem of torn connective tissues BETWEEN the muscles. Indeed, I have had several professional atheletes as patients, who despite their extreme exercise and fitness levels, still had bellies that looked round when they weren't sucking in.

The only effective way to restore the integrity of your abdominal wall is to repair the stretched or torn connective tissue during a tummy tuck procedure. 

It is also important to emphasize that the goal of any aesthetic procedure is to of course (safely) make you look better, and therefore the procedure needs to be performed by the best professional you can find- visit a few Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

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A tummy tuck is the best option.

Sorry to tell you , but nothing tightens skin other than surgery. Some people would have you believe that a laser liposuction will work, but, if you have had three kids, and your weight seemd normal, then the only way to tighten your skin ( and underlying muscles which have become stretched out) is surgery. Not all scars are bad and after surgery you can wear a bikini which covers the scar. You should come in and look at some of the photos.

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Best option for stomach tightening

Sit ups are the best option to tighten your stomach without surgery.  It will tighten the core muscles but will not tighten skin.

If you have loose skin, surgery is the only option.  If your muscles are very stretched, surgery can sew them back together in the midline, the way they probably were before the children.

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