Had Bilateral Mastectomies and Expanders. Doc Said Skin Was Thin, So He is Using No. 5. What is This?

I'm 47 yrs old, 5'6" & 212lbs,(I use to be a full D) And no I can't lose weight, if I could I already would have. I had bilateral mastectomies, and expanders. He is supposed to use saline. He said it was the safest one for me. Now he said my skin in one breast is thin and he will us no. 5. what is no. 5 and what bra size is it? I would like the truth, because even though a doctor may think we should be happy we have breasts, the truth is we would be happy with appropriate sized breasts. TRUTH please.

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I'm thinking he was refereing to expander size

I'm going to speculate that he may be referring to a 500 cc tissue expander which would be a size I tend to use on larger reconstructions

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Breast reconstruction

No idea what is number 5.

You have options in breast reconstruction depending on the local issues and the appropriate plan.

discuss all the options. Discuss all your desires of size, shape and the best method to achieve what you want. The risks and complications of each method. Then you can decide what is best for you.

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