I Want to Ask if the Surgery Can Still Fix my Eye?

Since I was a child . My left eye is smaller than my right eye. I'm thirty years old now but I'm still hoping that I will look normal and beautiful because I have lost my self esteem . My job requires me to face people and my eye deformity is thwarting me . I always feel embarrass and shy with my eyes. How much would this cost?

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Asymmetric eyes: is this normal?

Thank you for your question.  Asymmetry is normal in 100% of people.  Look at all the split-face studies and you will see that if we were all perfectly symmetrical, we would all look strange.  That being said, please send us your eye pictures so we can guide you a bit more.  It is impossible to help you without the pictures as this can be caused by your eyelids skin, fatty deposits, your brow, your levator muscle, etc.  Please post your pictures!  Best, Dr. Marc DuPere, Toronto Plastic Surgeon, board-certified.

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Asymmetrical eyelids

Asymmetrical eyelids can come  from a variety of causes, and with out pictures it is impossible to say what the problem is.  Ptosis, extra fat/skin and muscle all can cause asymmetries.   Everyone has some degree of asymmetry  in their eyelids.  

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Asymmetry is normal



depends on how severe this is. EVERYONE is slightly asymmetric.

Given that, the degree of asymmetry would affect if surgery is recommended to you. Please consult with a board certified PS in your area to know what options you have. 


Bennett Yang, MD

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Eye asymmetry

Everyones eyes are a bit asymmetric and this is normal.  How much different they are will impact if anything can be done for it.

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Eye asymmetry

When you say "one eye is smaller" than the other eye, there are a few different anatomic scenarios that may be at play. It may be that one eyelid is droopier than the other, or it may be that one eye is more prominent [bulgy] than the other.

I would recommmend a consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon that can do the proper measurements in teasing out the problem.

You can find one close to you at asoprs dot org. See the link I provided.


A.J. Amadi, MD
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Difficult to say

it really depends on what the issue is and what type of surgery you need. Surgery for uneven eyes can cost as little as $2400 for simple eyelid issues or as much as $14,000 to reconstruct the orbit and change the shape of the eye overall or the position of the eyeball. Photos would be helpful and it would be in your best interest to seek in person evaluations.


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