I want to know if the size of nostrils will get better and smaller or not during healing? (photo)

I had Rhinoplasty two months ago. I had to lower the nose tip and reduce the nostrils size.. Anyway, the tip is going down with time but the nostrils are not really the size I wanted.. (they got smaller but not small enough) Thanks.

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Nostril Size

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While it is true that the nose continues to reduce in size after surgery, this is most often seen in the nasal tip skin.  The skin which makes up the nostril (alar lobule) especially in the ethnic  nose is often much thicker than the tip skin hence the reduction in the width of nose does not change much after three months.  Additional width can be reduced in the future if you have not achieved your desired results. Good luck. 

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Waiting after rhinoplasty

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I would say you should continue to wait anywhere from 9-12 months.  Even though the reduction and nostril size or the alar base would seem as though the results would come relatively quickly that is not always the case.

Continue to give it time

Chase Lay, MD
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