I Want to Know What to Do to Get the Process of my Nose Job Started if I Want to Get It Done in Different Country?

i have a bump on the bridge of my nose.

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Rhinoplasty in another country

The most important individual factor in the result of the surgery it is the Surgeon. First you want to know more about the surgeon, his/her credentials, training, experience. It should be Board Certified in his/her country, and it should be a member of his/her National Plastic Surgery Society, also member of an International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, like ISAPS  , or ASAPS  , the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, or the Rhinoplasty Society  Then check his/her web site, where you can see before and after examples of the rhinoplasties, you should be able to see a case like yours,  so you can have a better idea about his/her work and outcomes. Contact his/her practice so you can have an evaluation, and also some referrals that you can call or email, to learn more about their experience and if they are happy or not with the results, how difficult or easy was the travel, the expenses, etc. Remember that you need to have follow ups and that you may need to stay for several days in another country and that will add some expenses too, and in case of a complication you may need to go back with the surgeon you choose.

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Rhinoplasty out of town

It's always best to have your surgery performed by someone in your area, since you can then see them easily if a complication occurs. There's also less stress involved and medical standards are those that you're familiar with, as well as you'll be able to see them for followups. I usually recommend patients stay at least 2 weeks after their surgery if they do come from out of town, then find a trusted PS in their area when they return to their town.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Check all your optio

You can find excellent surgeons in different countries, however with any surgical procedures there are chances of problems ( about 1-2% in this country) this can happen in the immediate post operative period or later, if you are that 1 patient, you may have a very difficult time to find a experience surgeon  to take care of your problem and the cost of any treatment will probably be more than the savings you may have had

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For Rhinoplasty, Think “ America First”

Dear New York friend:

Your photo and caption suggest you have a bump on the bridge of your nose, and indeed you do.  It looks like you are an excellent candidate for cosmetic nasal surgery, aka,  rhinoplasty. 

Obviously you have thought about having it in a foreign country.  I am not sure about your reasons, but generally it is hard to find a foreign country where there is as much experience in performing rhinoplasty as in the United States.  I am not familiar with Corona, New York's location, but in New York State, New York City is not the farthest distance to seek consultation.  New York City has an excellent population of experienced nasal surgeons.  In fact, if you rank U.S. cities where high concentrations of super-sophisticated, super-specialist surgeons exist, all of whom perform rhinoplasty, New York is right up there in the Top Two.

I would certainly exhaust all options regarding having rhinoplasty done here in the United States. 

A section in my book, Secrets of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon, is devoted to “traveling for cosmetic surgery.”   Sometimes it makes sense, but for a rhinoplasty in a young healthy person, I am not sure that there are as many advantages as there might be for other procedures.  I realize older people have joint replacements and open heart surgeries in other countries because of the enormous savings, and that is not unreasonable.

Rhinoplasty is not a particularly expensive operation.  Now, it depends on what other issues with your nose may exist, including breathing problems like deviated septum and enlarged turbinates.  But if all you require is a cosmetic rhinoplasty, I suspect it still would be affordable.  There is nothing wrong with checking around regarding fees.  You can make your telephone inquiries to surgeons in New York City.  Ask about:

  •    *The surgeon’s fee
  •    *The fee for the outpatient surgery center
  •    *The anesthesia specialist's cost

Ideally, you want a licensed, accredited, certified surgery center, and you want a board-certified anesthesiologist.  Certified, registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) are also deemed proper for these procedures. 

Do your homework, check around, make some phone calls, and then go to New York City and do a few consultations with cosmetic plastic surgeons there.  Yes, Canada and Mexico are close; otherwise it means an overseas plane trip, and I am not sure that there is any value there for you. 

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
Facial Plastic Surgeon

Robert Kotler, MD
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Plastic surgery outside the country.

The biggest potential issue for having plastic surgery outside the country is follow-up. Surgery, particularly cosmetic rhinoplasty, requires a fair number of follow-up visits and that's even if everything heals perfectly. Are you willing to travel back and forth as needed for proper post-op care? Can friends and family come with you to help during your convalescence? Most importantly, what will you do if there are complications? Can you afford the time and expense to stay in another country while the complications are managed? Also consider that clear communication with your surgeon is very important. If you and your surgeon can converse fluently without the need for an interpreter it greatly improves the chances of a good outcome. Anyway, just a few things to consider before you have surgery elsewhere.

All the best,


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Medical tourism for rhinoplasty

  Many of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world are here within United States. Most every major metropolitan city has a few dedicated rhinoplasty specialists that perform rhinoplasty routinely.  You will have no recourse or followup with a surgeon in another country

William Portuese, MD
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Rhinoplasty in another country

There are good surgeons in other countries as well as the US.  You need to see results and speak to patients done by the surgeon, no matter where you choose.  But be aware that if problems ensue you will have difficulty getting someone in the US to take on the case.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Donald Nunn, MD
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Why travel?

The best surgeons for your nose are in this country. If you have a problem are you going back there to get treated? You know the qualifications of doctors in the USA -- not in foreign countries. Also, remember - you get what you pay for.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Rhinoplasty in a different country

Dear leogal_811,

  1. You should definitely do your research on who you go to, what kind of standards they have for operating room cleanliness, sterilizations etc
  2. I would caution leaving the country because if there are any issues or tweaks you may want to do for your nose, it will be very difficult
  3. Typically, if a doctor takes care of a significant number of medical tourists, they should have arrangements made for you

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty in a foreign country

 You live in an area where there are a lot if very good surgeons so I assume you are looking at going to another country due to cost reasons. First if all,you can go to a surgeon outside your area but still in the US it can greatly reduce your cost as there are many good rhinoplasty surgeons only a short plane ride away whose fees are far less than New York and this is even factoring in the plane ride.  However, the best scenario is close to home because 1. You need to see your doctor multiple times post operatively for care an follow up , and 2.  You tend to get what you pay for. And last of all the experiences from medical tourism are littered with disaster stories. 

Grady B. Core, MD
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