I Want to Stretch my Ears? (photo)

I want to stretch my ears to a zero, a lot of people say that there ears have shrunk back to 18mm. I want to know that if I stretch my ears to a certain point will it go back to a good size like 14 or 18. I don't care if the hole doesn't close as long as it will shrink a good amount. My dad wants to know because he believes that when I'm older I wont want them in anymore.

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Gauges in ears

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I have closed gauge holes but I ask patients to remove them for at least six weeks before so they can shrink as much as possible. They often do not shrink down too much but nay shrinkage helps.

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Earlobe Gauging

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Removing gauges always result in considerable shrinking of the earlobes although the hole will never close. Usually at least a 1/2 reduction in earlobe size is seen once they are removed. And your dad is correct... there will be a time in the future that you will want them out and the earlobes restored to a normal size and shape. The good news is that there is a fairly simple procedure to do that under local anesthesia in a plastic surgeon's office.

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