I Want to Get Rid of Horizontal Forehead Crease Lines Without Scars Since I Have a High Hairline. How?

Do not want endoscopic approach since there still will be scars (though less vs. full coronal lift) that will show. Botox is so temporary, expensive and need it forever. Ultherapy will not help but I like the idea behind it.

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Horizontal Forehead Line Treatment

Horizontal Forehead Lines are most commonly treated with Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin.  If you do not want to go with that approach, the next best option would be an endoscopic brow lift.  It does leave a few small scars, but they are invisible to nearly invisible after a few months.  If you have a high hairline, you may wish to think about a pretrichial approach where an incision is made along the front of the hairline through the hair follicles.  You have a long incision, but the scar is hidden, because the hair grows through the scar.  Unfortunately, all options have some degree of downside.  The decision is what set of downsides are you most willing to live with.  Good luck!

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Trichophytic [Hairline] browlift

The best approach to raising the brow AND reduce a high hairline is via a hairline browlift. This incision when done properly, is a couple millimeters behind the hairline so that when the incision heals, hair actually grows through the scar which camouflages it.

The other approaches will raise your hairline and make your forehead even bigger.

The other approach as you know is botox.

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Brow lift versus getting rid of the horizontal forehead lines.

Be careful of the semantics. A brow and /or forehead lift will lift your eye brows and/or forehead. There are many ways to do these procedures, but they do not address the verticle frontalis facial muscles in you forehead that produce the horizontal lines. Botox is injected right into these muscles and will temporarily paralyze them so they do not contract and cause the lines. The only way to permanently stop these muscles is to cut or resect them as is commonly done in an open coronal forehead lift. I do not know of an endoscopic technique that is able to adequately perform this maneuver. Regardless of the technique there will have to be scars somewhere.

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Getting Rid of Forehead Lines

If Botox eliminates your transverse forehead lines, you are a good candidate for a brow lift. Although it is possible to do a brow lift through a blepharoplasty incision, I do not suggest this as one of the better methods. What I usually recommend for someone with a high forehead is a combination approach. This consists of a central pretrichial approach into the subcutaneous tissue there with an endoscopic approach otherwise. This hides the central incision in the edge of the hairline. The other incisions hide well within the hair. Both are almost invisible once healed.

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Forehead lift in a patient with a high hair line

You are correct that neurotoxins such as botox are temporary corrections for horizontal forehead lines.  The best surgical option for forehead rejuvination, in a person with a high hairline, is a Tricophytic Forehead lift.  In this procedure, the incision is made at the junction where the forehead meets the hair.  It offers wrinkle reduction, eyebrow elevation and does NOT raise the hairline.  A disadvantage is the possibility of an incision scar.  Endoscopic brow/forehead lifts will recede the hair line further causing your forehead to appear larger.

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I Want to Get Rid of Horizontal Forehead Crease Lines Without Scars Since I Have a High Hairline. How?

        A forehead reduction would reduce the forehead and the incision could be used to reduce the action of the frontalis muscles.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Getting rid of horizontal forehead crease lines

  I agree with others who replied.  The surest way to rid yourself of these horizontal creases is with Botox treatment or one of its siblings.  There was no photo included with your question.  But in my experience, small incision forehead lifts (it does not have to be done with an endoscope) can be done through tiny incisions which heal beautifully and which are not visible.  This is true even with balding males (a subset of the general population that I personally belong to).  Check out Gallery 2 of my website and see for yourself. Good luck.

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