I Want to Remove my Implants and Have a Fat Transfer Augmentation?

I am a pip lady. I sill have my pip implants and want them out ASAP. After that I was thinking of having the fat transfer augmentation. Would this be possible? My implants are 330.

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Remove Implants and Fat Transfer

Thank you for your question. This will have to be determined after an exam, and whether your harvest sites are healthy for fat transfer, and the possible issues with the site after explant has been performed. The fat usually is placed deep near and in the muscle, not in the capsule.  I hope this helps.

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Removal of Breast implants and have fat transfer at the same stage is possible

Removal of implants and fat transfer at the same stage is possible .
Must consider the following options.

  • mammograms to study breast tissue should be made before surgery and see in consultation
  • no rupture or silicon leakage
  • fat donor areas must be consistent
  • breast should be in good position and no drooping breast or ptotic breast is good candidate
  • breast with fat transfer will be smaller than with actual implants, as fat consistency is lower than silicon consistency.
  • depending on fat availability, between one and two sizes cup improval can be achieved with fat in breast
  • body weight must be maintained constant in time to preserve fat volume

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PIP Breast Implant Removal and Fat Grafting

   The PIP implants can be replaced with another type of implant or fat grafting can be considered.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE training who performs hundreds of breast augmentations each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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I Want to Remove my Implants and Have a Fat Transfer Augmentation?

This can be done provided you have enough donor fat to use for grafting. Most would advise doing the grafting at a second stage, after the implants have been removed and the skin has settled. Using different implants is also a consideration you should discuss with your surgeon.

Thanks for your question. All the best. 

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Implant removal

There are many different options including just replacing the implants.  If you want fat injection then you probably have to remove them and then wait until things settle down.

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PIP Implants

You have two several options

1: remove implants and no replacement

2: remove the implants and replace with a new implant, silicone or saline

3: Remove the implants and after healing start fat transfer to the breast

4: start fat transfer before the explant then come back and remove the implant and the capsule, then continue fat transfer to the breast.

Do the fat transfer to the breast only if you fully understand the pros and cons of fat transfer to the braest, and all questions and concerns are addressed.

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