I Want to Remove Face Hair my Face Color is LIGHT Brown I Have Spot and Freckle . Can It Cause for Moor Pigmentation ?

I want to remove MY face hair permanently . my face color is LIGHT Brown and I Have tendency to spot and freckle on my face . can it cause for moor pigmentation ? what is the most safe procedure to do so except epilation ? does removing hair from back and bally with HSR IS RISKY ? IS THE HAIR CAN GROW TOO BE HARDER AND thicker ? maybe because of the shaving ?

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Laser Hair Removal

This depends on the laser, and your level of sun exposure.   Most important is the operator and the choices they make in energy levels.

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A good candidate for Laser Hair Reduction

 There are several factors needed to have a successful Laser Hair Reduction treatment. First, the hair being treated must have color or pigment to it. Second, you must not pluck or tweeze between treatments. Third depending on the laser used, you must have light skin.

Ideally if you have light skin and dark hair, you are the perfect candidate for this treatment. Shaving or using depilatories may be used between laser hair reduction treatments and will not cause the hair to grow thicker or darker, that is a myth. Hope this has been helpful.

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Laser Hair Removal in Light Brown skin

If you have Light Brown Skin, you are still a great candidate for laser hair removal as long as you have dark hairs. However, you do have to be careful which type of laser being used on your skin or you may run a risk of dark discolorations. Likely the best laser to use to remove your hair in your skin type is NdYag laser. It is safe for your skin type and will have excellent efficacy. If appropriate energies are used, then you should not run into problems of hair growth stimulation. It is ideal that you obtain consultation and laser hair removal by physician that has experience with you skin type.

FYI - shaving does not stimulate heavier or thicker hair growth.

Take care.

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