I want to know if a nose job is a viable option for me. And if it will be even remotely covered by insurance in VT. (photos)

I am an 18 yr old in Vermont. 2 years ago my nose was injured while I was playing sports. I didn't think anything of it at the time and so I ignored it. Now it has become swollen and what I would consider deformed. I am wondering if I can get a nose job that will be covered by my insurance. I am wondering what the estimated cost for me would be? Also if the fact that I come from a low income family will mean it's financially impossible. Believe me I want it done more than anything in the world.

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Rhinoplasty candidate

  Cosmetic rhinoplasty is not covered by medical insurance. If the nose is been fractured and is causing blocking of air flow through the nose, that component might be a covered benefit. Examination and consultation by an ENT/ facial plastic surgeon can determine medical necessity.  Preauthorization is determined prior to the surgery for functional purposes, and patient's have to pay for any cosmetic improvement. Functional and cosmetic surgery of the nose can be performed simultaneously under one anesthetic. For many examples and our price list, please see the link below  to our rhinoplasty photo gallery

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Based on your symptoms, you would be a great candidate for rhinoplasty. Insurance sometimes covers nose procedures, but it depends on your plan, coverage, and degree of medical need. My best advice is to consult with a cosmetic surgeon and bring your insurance card. He or she will provide you with pricing information.

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I want to know if a nose job is a viable option for me. And if it will be even remotely covered by insurance in VT

Most insurance companies will cover the functional portion of the surgery, i.e. that which relates to breathing; however, the cosmetic portion will not be covered.  The fee for rhinoplasty varies widely based upon geographical location, surgeon, and the complexity of the rhinoplasty. 

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Insurance Coverage for Rhinoplasty Surgery

Some insurance companies will pay for repair of nasal changes or breathing obstruction caused by trauma. My office staff will help my patients determine if insurance will help them with surgical costs.

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