I Want a Nose Job, I Don't Want the Bone Changed Just the Size of my Nostrils, Possible?

How much would this cost and how long could it take and could I be awake for it,also much much of a decrease can i expect? many thanks i've attached a photo of my nose

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A nose job can change the entire nose or just the tip...

It is difficult to answer this question without a full examination. In general a rhinoplasty provides restoration of balance between each part of the nose.  If the tip and nostril are significantly larger than the remaining of the nose it is possible that you will not require sharpening of the nose. Except in very minor tip surgeries patients are usually better off undergoing general anesthesia mainly for airway protection during the procedure. Minor tip surgeries can be done with straight local anesthesia, however the injection is very painful.  It is made much easier with sedation performed by an anesthesiologist.


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Nose surgery/rhinoplasty

The answer yes nostril reduction can be done alone. If this was all that is indicated for surgery then it may be done under local anesthesia. Unfortunately the photograph you posted is not coming up on my system so I can not do a proper evaluation. Nostril reduction is done sometimes in conjunction with rhinoplasty when the nostrils need to be reduced to provide the best aesthetic results. I do not have an exact quote on the cost of this singular procedure if you would like to send your photographs to my website or email listed below I would be happy to give you my expert opinion and a cost estimate. Best regards!

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Customized nose surgery/rhinoplasty

the simple answer to your question is yes.if all you wanted was to reduce the size of your nostrils that can be done. the result can be customized to reduce it to the size you desired within reason.  if that is all you wanted done it could be done awake with local anesthesia.  this is called an alar resection by the way.  i do this with rhinplasties from time to time, when indicated.  it can be done alone but i dont have a set price for it.  if you contact my office, i will come up with a reasonable price for you so we can help you out.

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