I Want to Have a Nose Job, Chin Implant and a Jaw Implant? (photo)

The photos, show the look i'm going for, i would like to know if these are real expectations? i would also like to know the price range for the whole procedures including everything, and also for non U.S. residents what kind of vise would i need to request to fly out to the U.S. to have this procedure.

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rhinoplasty and chin implant

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 A rhinoplasty and chin implant can be performed at the same time under one anesthetic. The jaw implants may not be necessary once there is a chin implant in place. The correct size and shape the chin implant should be best be determined at time of the consultation and physical examination.  Computer imaging will also help in this communication process to understand  what the patient's surgical desires are. Please see our  Rhinoplasty photo gallery for many examples of rhinoplasty and chin implants done at the same time. to expect to spend approximately 2 weeks in town where your  surgery is being performed.

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